Roy Blackstone CEO

Roy is a product and design minded individual that has bootstrapped a number of projects, including popular NFT game Doki Doki. He works closely with developers, designers, and investors across the space to develop best-in-class crypto experiences.

Koroush AK CMO

Koroush Khaneghah works with multiple projects in the space leading brand development and community. He’s the founder of the industry leading Market Meditations Newsletter and Podcast. Under the pseudonym Koroush AK his content has generated 100,000,000+ impressions.

Sergii Ropchan CTO

Sergii is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Attic Lab. He has a proven ability to create and deliver solutions tied to business growth, organizational development and systems/network optimization. In addition, Sergii has over 20 years of Unix software engineering, system administration, and DevOps experience.

Zhi Ko COO

Along with actively managing his own book, Zhi is a serial founder, having kickstarted CoinDust, Radiance, and Noble 5. Zhi brings extensive operational experience from his time running these companies and managing a community of traders.

Yurii Savchenko Senior Developer

Yurii is an experienced technology executive with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. In addition to being the CTO of Attic Lab, he is skilled in project management, web applications architecture, machine learning and blockchain development.

Vadim Grozinok Senior Developer

Vadim holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and has numerous years of development experience. He is now mainly a blockchain developer and has more than 4 years of experience building and auditing smart contracts.

Vit Parkhomenko Project Manager

Vit previously worked as a Business Analyst for big enterprise projects, providing support and expertise from the initial discovery phase to the successful completion of the projects. In addition to this experience, he has an extensive knowledge of Business Analysis, Customer Relations and Project Management.

Yuriy Kashnikov Technical Counsel

Yuriy is the Technical Lead at Berings Waters Tech, a development and consulting company providing pioneering blockchain solutions. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has expertise in blockchain developing, machine learning and performance optimization.


Garlam Won DeFi Advisor

Garlam is the managing partner at Momentum 6, a venture architecting marketing for top projects in crypto. An investor and entrepreneur, Garlam founded Genesis Shards as well as being an advisor to top projects such as Kylin, Raze, PolkaFoundry, KPAD and others.

Philip Forte Blockventure Coalition

Philip Forte is a partner at Blockventure Coalition, an alliance of university blockchain groups and funds. The coalition works closely with firms like Hashed and VersionOne. He graduated from the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business.

Joseph Young Analyst, Hashed

Joseph is a long-time crypto analyst and investor. He is a core contributor to CoinTelegraph and Forbes, and also helps to source deals at Hashed, the largest crypto fund in South Korea.

Anthony Yoon Advisor at Project Serum

With a background in traditional finance, marketing, and tech, Anthony has been helping crypto projects expand into the APAC region at Spartan Group as Head of BD and currently as an advisor to Project Serum.

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